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SW Missouri's Trusted Repairman

Past Projects

Music Studio/Shop Minisplit

After a $2 fix on the customer’s main house AC, he had me install this minisplit to heat and cool his shop. Which was a highly insulated sound-proofed building because my customer is a jazz musician. His “shop” is half tool shed, half high-end recording studio. The Pioneer minisplit is so quiet, the subwoofers emitted more noise than the AC. Comfortable, and unnoticed – that’s air conditioning at its best.

Repair a Lightning Struck Condenser

The customer reported an AC failure after a lightning storm. Sure enough about every major electrical component had to be replaced – but even worse, some current had burned a hole in the copper refrigerant lines. 

Fortunately the holes could be repaired with a soldered “bandaid” and the unit was able to hold a fresh charge of refrigerant. It’s been running good ever since.

Mailbox Repair

Are brick mailboxes supposed to be glued together? No, but this one was. After it fell apart the homeowner asked us to mortar it up right.

This project brought back lots of memories of my Grandpa Harold sharing his master mason’s knowledge. It sure came in handy for this project.

Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Refinishing hardwood floors is… hard.

It better be, these things can last a hundred years or longer with the proper care. Don’t just hire anybody who can rent a sander. A moment of carelessness can ruin the entire floor. These projects involve careful planning, skill, patience, and a commitment to doing the job right.

Drywall Ceiling

What’s worse than acoustic ceiling tiles? Falling acoustic ceiling tiles.

Instead of repairing a bad product the customer asked us to rip it out and replace it with drywall. Drywall work is one of my favorite things to do. It’s hard work that involves engineering and artistry – but the results are gratifying.